Deep Work

August 13, 21 | Books

Book Title: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Author: Cal Newport

Info: Published by Piatkus, January 2016, 305 pages.

Deep Work argues about the importance of protecting periods of high intensity productivity against distractions. “Deep Work” enables us to perform at our best,  develop skills and, ultimately, achieve a sense of fulfilment. The opposite of ‘deep work’ is ‘shallow work’.  The book proposes a range of models to create space for deep work and contain shallow work. These models suit various professions and personal styles. For example, the writer, artist or researcher may need long seasonal stretches of productive time, followed by periods of teaching or administration. The corporate worker may need dedicated half days to think about a single issue. Conversations and coordination activities fill the rest of the time.
Even if much of the book is ‘common sense’, it encouraged me. to experiment with improve my deep work time.

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