Meeting Kid

July 19, 21 | Blog

Update 9 August 2021: Kid shared distressing news that due to rebels moving into Lalibela, he is having to flee the violence…

This smiling teenager walked up to me and asked if I needed help. He’d seen me pace up and down the street looking for something. I told him that I’d dropped a pair of sunglasses. He introduced himself as Kid and offered to find the glasses. “This is my village”, he said, pointing to the set of houses behind the street we were standing on. If you lost something here, someone will have found it and I’ll discover who has. 

Within a few minutes, he came back and announced he’d located the person who’d found the glasses, a little girl. Kid then led me to the girls’ grandmother’s house to wait for her to return. Soon a tiny girl walked through the door and promptly handed the sunglasses to me. I asked Kid whether I could make a gesture to thank the girl. Kid suggested I make a small donation for her school books.

Kid then invited me to join him and his cousins at his house nearby to have a celebratory coffee. As I joined him there, he introduced me to his cousins and his poorly aunt. As we got to know each other, he shared about his life, how he’d moved into town with his cousins to have access to schooling, but had to work very hard shining shoes early morning at the bus stop to be able to afford school books and rent for the house. We took pictures and exchanged contact details and said goodbye. Since then, we’ve kept in touch via FB Messenger, keeping track of his progress through school.

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